When Rabbi and Rebitzen Sokol met in 2005, they quickly realized that they were meant for one another. They shared similar goals and values in regard to a home and raising children. They had a similar desire to teach, to give, and to open their hearts to each and every Jew and Humanity as a whole. They got engaged just a couple of weeks later and married shortly after that. They decided to reside in suburban Lakewood NJ for the time being, where Rebitzen Laylu’s family resides and there are many steller options of Rabbinical Colleges, and Rebitzen Laylu could continue to excell in her carreer in Web Marketing & Analtyics.   .


Rabbi Sokol enrolled in a prestigious S’micha (Rabbinic Ordination) program while working as the Executive Director at the Chavrei Hakollel. Chavrei Hakollel is a program for teenage boys in conjunction with young married Kollel members to allow that learn one-on-one (Chavruta-style learning). Rabbi Sokol’s charismatic and magnetic personality was immediately noticed and he was asked to teach classes to the high school students, the Kollel members and college level Literature.

Rabbi Sokol kept up with his yeshiva learning in Israel, completed his intense learning in 2013, and received his Master’s degree of Judaic Studies from the Diaspora Yeshiva.

Rabbi Sokol & Rebitzen Laylu were heavily involved in mentoring teens while living in Lakewood. They have fostered Jewish at-risk youth as well as mentored, raised money for counseling, coordinated programming that assist in offering a fun option to teens that without aany other offer to lead teens to getting further involved in at –risk behavior.